Submitting Records


    • Check the fish is heavier than the current record on GFAA website.

    • Check that ALL information has been filled out completely.

    • Check that all terminal tackle is legal e.g. length of leader/ overall length of leader and double, and all equipment used is legal.

    • Complete Check list on Claim Form and DATE when received.

    • Juniors & smallfry Date of Birth completed on Statutory Declaration page.

    • All required photos are supplied as per PREPARATION OF RECORD CLAIM item 9 (d) of the GFAA Journal in printed copies.

    • The line should be presented on a card with the angler’s name and line class as per diagram in the GFAA Journal, line should be wound onto card in a manner that the leader & double can be unwound first.

    • Claim filing fee to be paid by EFT State claim $20 payable to WAGFA BSB 036 180 Acc 197158.  Australian claims $20 payable to GFAA BSB 035 304 Acc 294263. Payment receipt to accompany claim.

All claims must be submitted through the club weigh master and/or club secretary to forward on to the State recorder.

Information provided by Peter Barbarskas – GFAA Records Officer

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