Rule Changes July 2017

GFAA Rules committee.
27 May 2017

Proposal for alteration to the Australian Record Requirements.
P61 2017 Journal

Under Categories:
Saltwater, Freshwater, Saltwater Fly, Freshwater Fly & Land-based S/W.
#4 on all the above.

Small Fry – persons who have not attained the age of 11 years.

Add in to follow on with:
A Small Fry can not claim a junior record but may claim men’s or women’s & all tackle records if eligible.

Rational –
To bring in line with IGFA requirements on junior & small fry records. The anglers are limited to their respective category, based on their age at the time of capture.

To become effective as of July 1st 2017.

Peter Babarskas
GFAA rules committee chair.

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