Keep Australia Fishing – Labor Greens plot to Lock You Out!

Labor Greens plot to Lock You Out!

We understand that the Labor – Greens are plotting with the multinational anti-fishing organisations to overthrow the Government’s recent Marine Park plans and replace it with their own. Rumours are that they have been pacing the corridors of Parliament in Canberra leveraging support for their plot.

Though the Government’s plans are not perfect, they do provide a better balance between having world class marine protection on one hand and considering key stakeholders like recreational fishers on the other. Importantly, we can still access the majority of our iconic fishing spots around our nation.
We have learnt that the Labor Greens are scheming to have the Government’s plans overthrown and replaced by the “Labor – Greens Plan’ – also known as the Burke Plan. The Burke plan will lock you out of vast areas where we used to be able to fish (over 1.3 million square kilometres) and then we will have to share the area that is left with concentrated industrial scale fishing activities including super trawlers.

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