Halco Abrolhos Islands Game Fishing Tournament

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2019 WAGFA Committee

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The 2019 WAGFA Annual General Meeting was held on 22nd June 2019, the management committee elected from delegates representing the 10 WAGFA clubs, will run the  Association until the next AGM, planned for February 22nd 2020.

For Committee members’ positions and contact details: CLICK HERE

There were five present and past office bearers elected to Life Membership. 

Peter Babarskas – also a Life Member of GFAA

Dennis Bryan-Smith – also  a Life Member of Exmouth GFC

Peter Coote – also a Life Member of Perth GFC

Ian Stagles – also a Life Member of Perth GFC

John Webber – also a Life Member of Perth GFC

Important Marine Parks Announcement

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The Government has implemented the long promised Marine Parks legislation which has the support of GFAA, WAGFA and many clubs and individuals.

GFAA Rule Clarification

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Below is an important change to a clarification of the GFAA Rules

Tagged Marlin Tracked

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The attached image of blue marlin tagged off the WA coast is provided for general information.


WA blue Satellite tag



First 1000lb blue marlin caught in Australia.

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History was made on Jan 1st 2018 with Captain Eddy Lawler from Peak Sportfishing!

Date: Jan 1st
Captain: Eddy Lawler
Boat: Black Marlin
Angler: Clay Hilbert
Line Class: 60kg
Method: Switched off a Bonze Violator
Weight: 494.3kg = 1089.7lb
Congratulations to the crew.

Special thanks to all the volunteers that helped out at the EGFC on the night of weighing. In particular, Mark Hourn, Anna Passsmore, Maarit Mossman, Scott Owens, Deb Foster and Matt Gates.
Special thanks to Phil from Exmouth Freight and Logistics for helping with the crane!

Eddy has tagged over 1000 billfish with The Billfish Foundation and many hundreds of billfish with NSW fisheries over the few years he has been fishing in Exmouth. We have had a few recaptures recently as well, which is great. Last week Eddy and others satellite tagged fish too. Exmouth Game Fishing Club has won top tagging club in Australia more than once, which is a great effort in this remote location. From this capture, we will gain more information on these species and we believe in highlighting the positives of recreational fishing to help others learn, respect and appreciate the ocean and fish within it.  This fish will be used for years to come! It will be used for research and education and be available for visitors to the region to view and grasp the size of fish out there. (Especially those people who can’t go out in the ocean!)

Grander 3 Grander 2 Grander 1 Exmouth Grander gantry small for web

Acknowledgement: Some of the photos illustrated have been provided by Peak SportFishing Adventures 


Rule Changes July 2017

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GFAA Rules committee.
27 May 2017

Proposal for alteration to the Australian Record Requirements.
P61 2017 Journal

Under Categories:
Saltwater, Freshwater, Saltwater Fly, Freshwater Fly & Land-based S/W.
#4 on all the above.

Small Fry – persons who have not attained the age of 11 years.

Add in to follow on with:
A Small Fry can not claim a junior record but may claim men’s or women’s & all tackle records if eligible.

Rational –
To bring in line with IGFA requirements on junior & small fry records. The anglers are limited to their respective category, based on their age at the time of capture.

To become effective as of July 1st 2017.

Peter Babarskas
GFAA rules committee chair.

Broome North Fishing Club

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The Broome North Fishing Club was established in 2017 in Broome and gained an ever-growing member base of over 100 people in its first year. The club’s mission is to continue to develop a friendly, fun, family focused fishing club throughout its lifetime. With community engagement as the pivotal focus, the club aims to foster an inclusive club environment where members will feel a sense of belonging and empowerment. This club encompasses people of all abilities and ages who wish to get out and give fishing a go. We aim to engage the whole family to get involved with the club’s numerous fishing competitions including Mud Crabbing, Spearfishing, Blue Water fishing, the Barra Away Fishing Comp and the Fish Clinic Comp on ‘Gone Fishing’ Day. Broome North Fishing Club also runs many social and community events throughout each season.


Representing the interests of game fishing clubs, and their members in the West.

Upcoming Tournaments

There are no upcoming events at this time.